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Clean & modern, yet warm & inviting...

This private home’s landscape is completely redesigned, transforming into an escape that pulls out all the stops.

The Vision

These homeowners were initially dealing with an awkward entrance at their front door landing. The old, small pavers that made up their driveway were out of style and their snow clearing company kept driving off it and rutting up the lawn.


The client’s vision was for larger, darker, and more modern pavers on the driveway, rather than asphalt — ones that would be easier to clean in the summer and make melting snow & ice easier in the winter. 


The vision also included a redesigned, shadier backyard with pavers that matched the front driveway but weren’t as dark.

The Design

The final product is a complete redesign. The new landscape is clean and modern yet still warm and inviting.

The front entrance is now more “user-friendly” and accessible, with one stunning stone staircase and a landing for each respective door. The driveway is primarily darker pavers but bordered with lighter ones to break up the substantial space it takes up. Curbs were added along the driveway to keep snow equipment off of the lawn and retain mulch in the gardens.


In the back, the pavers are reversed in an extensive patio to match the shade and coolness the client was looking for. Multiple entertaining spaces (one under an aluminum pergola), a hot tub, a gas-burning firepit and a bubbling water feature make this a true paradise — and a spot that guests never want to leave!




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